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Security Guards

Video Verification

Mobile Patrol / Alarm Response

Off Duty Police Officers

Our security guards undergo extensive vetting and training before being placed on the job. We stress courtesy and professional conduct in addition to security procedures.

Recently declassified military surveillance technology provides a much broader and more effective security blanket than video cameras of the past. 

Have personnel patrol your property at a fraction of the cost of a full-time guard. Our patrols can often respond within minutes to alarms.

When you or your company has a potential threat, or your security needs require the expertise of trained law enforcement personnel, we can deploy same day assets to anywhere within Los Angeles and Orange County.



Tuesday, 16 July 2013 20:16


CCTV! CCTV! If you are still using this term when talking about your Security, Monitoring or Access Control System, I have a BIG Shock for you!!

Gone are the grainy images that could pass for 60's NASA Moon Landing Tapes or "B" movie Alien Flicks of the 50's. The latest and greatest technology for securing your Home and Business are easy to get and cheaper than ever to deploy.

Hunter Security Inc, has the Latest and Greatest HIGH DEFINITION Camera System, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Facial Recognition, Bio Mechanics, Attendance Tracking, Inventory Control Systems and MUCH MORE! available.

Imagine having control of what's going on at your business 24/7 from anywhere in the world! The array of equipment that we can set you up with is mind boggling and impressive. Give us a call so we can demonstrate to you how we can take care of your Security and Safety needs all under one roof.



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Locally owned and operated Security Companies vs Giant National Security Companies.. it's and easy choice!

As as the Operations Manager for Hunter Security Inc. located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, I can tell you that the competition here for business is fierce! Legitimate companies have a tough time because of the HUNDREDS of smaller Security Companies undercutting prices and devaluing our industry by running Non Compliant businesses, not carrying Insurance or using expired and or Doctored Documents to win contracts. 

National Chain Security Companies attack local business in other ways. They spend Huge amounts of money on Lobbyist, Advertizing and deploy Giant Sales Staffs to saturate the market. The sad part is that they have huge turnover in staff so you never know who you will be talking to when you have a problem you need taken care of. Additionally, they will hire a great deal of part time and work source personnel which leads to little or no Job Security. These types of hiring practices are not beneficial to the community and result in higher Unemployment Claims.

Locally Owned Security Companies most often times are Owner Operated and have a vested interest in the community in which they operate. Another benefit is that a lot of these owners are former Law Enforcement (such as my partner Jay and I) and have maintained their connections with local Police and Sheriff. This allows them to get though the red tape a bit easier to get help for problem areas.

Check with your Chamber of Commerce, they will know who the legitimate companies in your area are and who is active in your community. Beyond that, do your research, choose a company that can do every thing you need and above all work with someone you Like and Want to do business with. This is all about building relationships ....


Scott Shonts

VP Operations

Hunter Security Inc

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Thursday, 20 June 2013 18:04

Compton Guard Service and Video Security

For the best in Security Camera Systems, Guard Service, High Definition Video Surveillance in the City of Compton you need to look no further than Hunter Security/California Command Center.

Hunter Security along with our State of the Art Command and Dispatch Center (California Command Center), puts us in a class of our own.

Why? Because we are one of very few Security Companies that can supply All of your Security Needs under one roof. We are a highly regarded and Award Winning (Business of the Year in the City of Carson) Company with a combined 35 years experience in keeping Southern California safe.

We provide the following:

  • Well Trained and Supervised Guards
  • Marked Patrol and Alarm Response Vehicles
  • 24 Hour Supervision
  • 24 Hour Video Monitoring and Dispatch Center (in house)
  • The Most Advanced Hi-Def Video Cameras and Recording Equipment Available
  • Expert Installation and Repairs if needed
  • Local ownership that is invested in your Community and it's needs

For a FREE Consultation, feel free to call anytime and arrange an appointment.



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