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Our security guards undergo extensive vetting and training before being placed on the job. We stress courtesy and professional conduct in addition to security procedures.

Recently declassified military surveillance technology provides a much broader and more effective security blanket than video cameras of the past. 

Have personnel patrol your property at a fraction of the cost of a full-time guard. Our patrols can often respond within minutes to alarms.

When you or your company has a potential threat, or your security needs require the expertise of trained law enforcement personnel, we can deploy same day assets to anywhere within Los Angeles and Orange County.



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Monday, 07 May 2012 00:00

Know who you are hiring to protect you and your assets

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Do you know who is protecting you ??

In these tough economic times many companies have employed “Creative” ways of streamlining their cost and increasing the bottom which is great but when those efforts end up costing the end user, is cheaper Really Better.

Let’s take the Security Industry for example. The prices that are being quoted now (in general) are lower than they

were several years ago.

Part of that is the lack of money available from customers to pay .. It’s tough out there still !

Another factor is that competition for accounts has become a Bargain Basement, Cut Throat battle where companies are willing to accept as little a .25 per man hour profit just to get the business.

What does this mean for you the consumer? Quite simply, you are getting the least qualified, most poorly trained and sometimes unlicensed guards. Most are working for minimum wage, come from a staffing center or work multiple jobs to stay afloat.

This practice is wide spread and in some areas is devastating the image of the Security Industry. These types of employees have no loyalty to you or their employer and are typically the first to participate in “Opportunistic Crimes.

Just to clarify, Staffing Centers do some good work and have a tough job but companies have found a way to avoid paying unemployment and other fees by using “Temps” as guards… is that who you want watching your property?

Ask questions about all of these issues when considering a security company. Hunter Security hires well trained Vet’s and graduates from accredited Security Schools and Colleges.

Get what you pay for. Call Hunter Security  562 602 2700.

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