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Security Guards

Video Verification

Mobile Patrol / Alarm Response

Off Duty Police Officers

Our security guards undergo extensive vetting and training before being placed on the job. We stress courtesy and professional conduct in addition to security procedures.

Recently declassified military surveillance technology provides a much broader and more effective security blanket than video cameras of the past. 

Have personnel patrol your property at a fraction of the cost of a full-time guard. Our patrols can often respond within minutes to alarms.

When you or your company has a potential threat, or your security needs require the expertise of trained law enforcement personnel, we can deploy same day assets to anywhere within Los Angeles and Orange County.

Hospital Security

Hospitals and other medical facilities can benefit greatly from security services. Illness can make people particularly vulnerable. They may not be fully cognizant of everything that’s going on in their surroundings either due to their medical conditions or the medications they are being treated with. This makes patients easy prey for those with malicious intents. A good surveillance system combined with security guards on site can go a long way toward ensuring the safety of patients and visitors in a hospital.


Your personnel are experts in medicine, not in security. An added effect of hiring a security service is that your doctors, nurses and medical technicians can focus more on their actual jobs and less on worrying about the safety of their patients. This can lead to a more productive workplace where fewer mistakes are made.

While we would all like to believe that those who aspire to the high calling of medicine all behave in an ethical manner, this is not always the case. A surveillance system and other security safeguards can, by their very presence, deter undesirable or unsafe behavior. The fear of getting caught can make people conduct themselves more professionally. Also, in the event that some wrongdoing occurs, you will have a much greater chance of catching it before it becomes a serious problem and the subject of a major lawsuit.



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